Jolt is building a movement of Latinos across Texas

There are 10.8 million Latinos in Texas.
Together, we have the power to transform our state.

Jolt focuses on issues impacting the Latino community in Texas

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Democracy and Voting Rights

Jolt is building a movement of Latinos across Texas to ensure that our community is treated with the respect we deserve. We build the collective voice, power and influence of our community so that our families are treated with equality and dignity.

What we believe is simple — Texas and our democracy are stronger when everyone has a seat at the table and when our voices and families are treated with equality and respect. For too long our community and our contributions have been ignored. The hard work and sacrifices of our families and parents have been belittled by some — calling us “rapists,” “diseased” and “criminals.” We are tired of this hate and are standing up to take back our state and democracy, so that it works for hardworking and honest families like our own. We stand for respect, family and equality.

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Together, I believe we can change Texas

Arnulfo Ybarra

It’s time we stood up against the hate


Politicians want our vote, but I want to know they care


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