Organizing Institute

Preparing the next generation of community leaders

The Jolt Organizing Institute is preparing the next generation of community leaders and activists in Texas. Through the development of core organizing skills and political education, participants will gain access to tools to build a movement of engaged Latinx voters and shift the political landscape of Texas for a more just democracy that serves all Texans.

The Fundamentals of Organizing

Participants will learn the skills they need to launch and manage a grassroots organizing campaign. Click here to apply for fall 2017 classes. 


Latino Identity & History: Exploring who we are as Latinos

What is Power: Power and the legacy of Latino Social Movements in the U.S.

Building the Movement: One conversation at a time

Direct Action: From protest to performance, mobilizing to win on the issues 

Digital Organizing: Strategies and best practices

Stacking the Deck: GOTV and democracy in Texas

Graduation Celebration

Program Commitments

Participants should have a personal commitment to social justice and be able to attend weekly classes.

Application Process

Enrollment in the Jolt Organizing Institute is free. Fall 2017 classes will be held in Dallas and Austin. Applications are due September 29. Click here to apply. 

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