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There are 10.8 million Latinos in Texas. Together, we have the power to decide who gets elected, what issues matter, and what gets decided.

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Basta Texas is fighting back against, SB4,  a law that that makes being undocumented and brown a crime.

On May 7, 2017, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed SB4 into law. SB4 is a law that is rooted in white supremacy, and those who support SB4 seek to gain political power by scapegoating immigrants and people color and fomenting hate against our communities.

We believe that all Texans deserve to live free from racial profiling, free from the fear of deportation, free from detention and free from police violence. We are the majority in Texas, and we are going to rally, strike and resist to put an end to SB4.

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Artists in Residence aims to create a long term culture change by rooting this moment of political resistance in the broader cultural experience of the Latinx community of Texas. Artists in Residence is a collective of artist, musicians, entertainers, filmmakers, writers, and all forms of creative people who pledge to create art that will give shape to a vibrant Latinx resistance movement.

Artists in Residence is:

  • Bringing together artists from all mediums to lift up stories of resistance
  • Collaborating with established and emerging artist to generate content that will build our movement and share our stories
  • Increasing the visibility of Latinos to build public recognition of the dynamic political power that we hold

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We believe that change happens when those whose voices are often excluded from our democracy and the decisions that impact their lives are empowered. That’s why we place a special focus on preparing the next generation of Latina community leaders and activists in Texas through the Jolt Organizing Institute. 

Almost 90 percent of the institute’s summer 2017 graduates were Latinas. Through the development of core organizing skills and political education, participants gain the skill to build a more just democracy that serves all Texans. 

Summer classes for the institute ended in June. Fall 2017 classes will be held in Dallas and Austin.

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